Is melamine product poisonous?
Column:Industry news Time:2017-08-26
Is melamine product poisonous?

Melamine product, made of interpolymer complex,has the features of lightness, low temperature and high temperature resistance ,non-toxic, tasteless,  unbreakable, durable and other characteristics.

Followings are the tips for you to consider buying melamine products:

1。Make sure the supplier has a QS certification before you purchase any melamine product。

2.Melamine product is made of 100%  melamine-formaldehyde, which separately is considered as

 toxic substance(melamine and formaldehyde). Here you may raise a question: how could it be non-toxic putting these two poisonous substances together? Actually, through a series of  chemical reactions, forming melamine-formaldehyde product settles and has a strong chemical stability,which makes it not easy to decompose into toxic materials.

3.However, without qualified craft and strict productive process, there might be a posibility that melamine-formaldehyde product turns into poisonous. As we mentioned above,

a QS is needed as well as any other necessary certifications.山东11选5 上海11选5 山东11选5 上海11选5 上海11选5 上海11选5 上海11选5 上海11选5 山东11选5 山东11选5